What Our Clients Say

Partner Yoga

I haven’t felt this good in a long time, I needed some classes that would help get rid of stress and just feel some kind of balance in my life.  I had no idea how amazing I would feel when I started taking Yoga classes.  I have even started meditating, my friends can’t even believe it!  I am so grateful, thank you!
Susan T.  Age 29

I am so glad I found about these classes.  I was going to the gym but what wasn’t getting the results I needed.  I felt like I was just spinning my wheels.  I needed something more then just working out at the gym, and now I’m losing more weight and I just feel great.  People have no idea, Yoga is a workout, no joke. Thank you so much!
Jim S.  Age 42

Things had really gone out of control for me with poor eating habits and I wasn’t even going to the gym  but every once in a while.  I never really like working out by myself, I just can’t get motivated.  Gina comes out to the school I work at has the classes there, it’s great.  I love the energy with the other people in the class.  We are getting in much better shape and having fun doing it, thanks Gina.
Carl B.  Age 47

It’s been quite an amazing journey I have been on.  Everyone on the fitness staff  has been really wonderful.  I have using the personal trainer services and have already lost 18 pounds in the past 4 months.  I have had to actually had to go out and buy new clothes, that was my goal going into it.  I really thought it would take me much longer to accomplish.  They have put me on the fast track to getting in shape, I feel like a new woman.  Thank you so much to everyone on the staff.  What an amazing program you have here, highly recommended!
Janet R.  Age 33

My friends have been bugging me for a long time about taking Yoga classes.  I thought they were silly and didn’t see the point.  I’m so glad I finally took a chance and loved it.  I feel so relaxed and it is quite a workout, more then I thought it would be.  I had trouble with my back and now I feel great, who know that stretching consistently really is important, what a difference.  If you think Yoga isn’t for you, you are probably wrong..give it a try!
Susana M.  Age 41