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Soni Fitness delivers the benefits of Meditation, Yoga, 30 min Kick Boxing Circuit
 Assisted Stretching and partner  Online and In-house yoga classes  right in your environment  

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Gina and Tom Pace are working together to deliver workshops to work
on mental illness and meditation.

Inspire, motivate and awaken your passion for life. Prove that commitment, perseverance, courage and dedication are all key in achieving your goals and dreams.  Learn More >

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Gina Soni

Gina holds a plethora full of skills in Physical Fitness including Personal Training, Yoga and Mat Pilates. Having over 10 years of experience working with adult/children of all cultures.

She is undoubtedly a professional in her field and can help you to achieve whatever you’re looking for. Gina’s unique approach in addition to her wide variety of fitness skills and Yoga/Pilates approach will lead you to your goal.

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Gina Soni Personal Fitness Trainer

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Here’s what you can expect from our Corporate Wellness Fitness Program:
A well trained, professional teacher, backed by a community of support.  Materials for staff and parents, offering simple practices they can share with kids in the classroom or at home, aligned with curriculum units.  Access to Gina, the program director who can address questions, discuss concerns, and support the successful implementation of the program.  Absolute commitment to the kids and the entire school community.

What Our Clients Say


My friends have been bugging me for a long time about taking Online Yoga classes.  I thought they were silly and didn’t see the point.  I’m so glad I finally took a chance, I love it.  I feel so relaxed and it is quite a workout, more then I thought it would be.  I had trouble with my back and now I feel great, who know that stretching consistently really is important, what a difference.  If you think Yoga isn’t for you, you are probably wrong..give it a try!
Susana M.  Age 41

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