Corporate Wellness

Soni Fitness Brings Corporate Wellness Program for your Offices and business places

Here’s what you can expect from our Corporate Wellness Program:

Soni Fitness delivers the benefits of yoga right into your office or place of business. Whether you are looking to treat your employees to a zen session, do some sweaty yogi teambuilding, or break up a board meeting with some breathing exercises after a long budgeting session – we bring the studio to you! No fitness room required. Soni Fitness will make the best use of the space you have, whether it’s a break room, conference room or rooftop parking garage.

In addition to traditional yoga and mindfulness classes, we offer special classes tailored to “non-yogis” and new mediators who may not be able to touch their toes or for those who have a wandering mind. Let us lead your team in a workshop emphasizing the benefits of a mind-body connection and discover how our mental awareness affects those around us both in the office and at home.

corporate wellness

Soni Fitness Yoga & Mindfulness Rates
Whether you are looking to provide corporate wellness yoga on a monthly or quarterly basis or have a one-time event in mind, Soni Fitness is an awesome way to give back to your employees, clients, vendors, and anyone else you’d buy lunch for! Like office lunch pricing, rates vary, depending on a number of factors including a number of employees attending, time of day, length of class, and frequency of classes. Discounts for multiple bookings and payment in advance! We also offer special rates for company-wide events such as a corporate retreat, benefits administration presentations or sales kickoff meetings. 
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